Killavullen NS
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Our aim is to make managing the uniform as easy and affordable as possible for families.

Having a uniform and tracksuit is cheaper than having two tracksuits (required for laundry purposes).


Sept 2024Following a uniform review last year, there is still leeway to allow for the change over as we transition to the new uniform. For September 2024, classes should adhere to the following:

3rd – 6th Class: Pupils may still wear the navy shirt/grey jumper for one more year until they need replacing. They will be required to switch to the white shirt/navy jumper in September 2025. 

Juniors – 2nd Class: Follow the policy as outlined below.


Tracksuit top Philip’s, Mallow. Only supplier.

Green polo shirt Philip’s, Mallow.

Tracksuit bottoms Plain navy bottoms. Widely available. (No brands, logos or stripes. No leggings)

Standard white shirt. Widely available.

Standard grey pants / pinafore / skirt. Widely available. 

Standard navy v-neck jumper / cardigan. Widely available.

Tie Available from reception any time. Only supplier.

Crest Available from reception any time. Only supplier.

*Crest is to be sewn onto left hand side of the jumper / cardigan (or with pinafore the crest sewn on centre or left if there’s a zip)

Footwear With Uniform: Plain shoes / runners (both non-marking soles)

With Tracksuit: Sensible runners (any colour) with good arch support & non-marking soles

SUMMER UNIFORM (May, June, Sept)

Plain navy shorts (No branding / logos / stripes) Widely available

Optional wide-brimmed Sun Hats (any colour) Widely available

* Sun Hats (not baseball caps) are recommended by the HSE & Dept of Education as they protect the head, ears, face & neck. However, we ask for no brands or images outside of generic suns / flowers / etc.


Students may wear either tracksuit or uniform as they choose. 

Please note: Teachers may still require pupils to wear either tracksuit/uniform given certain events / activities / etc. but other than that, it is the pupil’s choice (or whatever is dry on the washing line!)


Students may combine the half-zip with the shirt and tie / the polo shirt with jumper & pants / pinafore, etc.

Uniform Policy (pdf)