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Science at primary school should nurture children’s curiosity and allow them to ask questions and develop the skills they need to answer those questions. The various science initiatives below help pupils to investigate problems and learn how science works.

Science Blast is an initiative delivered by the RDS for primary schools and provides a wonderful opportunity for our pupils to work collaboratively on a large science project as a team from its inception to seeing it through to the very end. Our senior pupils have enjoyed many trips to UL in Limerick and the RDS in Dublin, where they have displayed and presented their projects with immense pride, always receiving superb feedback from the STEM “judge”.

The Intel Mini Scientist is a competition for Primary school students in which they develop science related projects that are exhibited at fairs within their own schools. It gives students the opportunity to explore science and technology through project based learning.


Budding scientists in 4th, 5th and 6th classes worked tirelessly since the beginning of October, on their Intel Science Projects. Investigations ranged from Can Temperature Affect Mould?   to   Why are Rainbows in a certain colour order? Thanks so much to Ms Angland and Mary O’ Donovan who judged the competition so thoroughly and painstakingly. They were extremely impressed with the questions asked, the high standard of projects and articulate presentations of projects. Finally the results were in :

4th/5th Class                                                                             

1st Place – Conductors & Insulators, by Ryan, Darragh, Fionán                                                                       

2nd Place – Can you charge a phone with Energy from Potatoes? by Seán F, Aidan, Jason    

3rd Place  – How do Our Bodies React to Energy & Forces? by Chase, Cathal, Eva & Zahra 

5th/6th Class

1st Place – Can we make Eco Friendly Paint? by Brooklyn and Gabi

2nd Place – Barks and Vision by Ella, Emily, Abbie and Kelly

3rd Place – What Conditions Does Grass Grow Best In? by Kahlan, Anna and Shauna                                                                 

Heartiest congratulations to Gabi and Brooklyn,  who were chosen as overall winners of the competition and went on to represent Killavullen N.S. at the next round of the Intel Mini-Scientist competition.

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Science Blast

Science Blast is one of the highlights of our science calendar and an adventure we will continue to go on for many years to come!!!

The first step involves coming up with a question, followed by predicting what that answer(s) might be, gathering evidence, organising and evaluating the findings and finally compiling the findings into a presentation.  In addition to working scientifically, the process helps children to develop the core skills of collaboration, creativity, communication and creative thinking.

Some of our previous questions include:

  • “How different types of music affect different activities?”, 
  • “Why did the water at the Olympics turn green?”
  • “Why are beehives hexagonal?”
  • “How does milk straight from cows differ from shop-bought milk?”


Students work as scientists as they investigate and explore their physical and natural surroundings. They apply the following skills of enquiry during this investigative work – observing, asking questions, suggesting, explanations, predicting outcomes, planning investigations, experiments to test ideas and draw conclusions , designing and making.

Winning projects selected at this school level exhibition then go on to take part in the Mini Scientist Regional Final event with the possibility of continuing on to the Grand Final event.

The competition, which is open to 4th, 5th, and 6th class students, supports the Primary Science curriculum and is a great way to encourage enthusiasm and practical learning in the area of science, possibly sparking an interest which may lead to a career in this exciting field.