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Maths not only helps individuals develop skills including critical thinking and problem-solving, but also helps us makes decisions in our day-to-day life and encourages creativity. In Killavullen N.S. we strive to develop a positive attitude toward maths.  Pupils become more confident and competent in maths when they apply problems to everyday life. 

Maths Eyes is another popular activity and awakens them to maths all around us! Through Maths Eyes, teachers highlight and communicate that we use maths on a daily basis to build confidence in the children’s own maths. Speakers visit classrooms to show the relevance and practical application of maths in their work. Our teachers explore open-ended maths with our pupils. Puzzles of the week, Sudoku and Countdown also challenge our young mathematicians.

The ethos of Maths Week is Maths for All. Its aims to promote positive attitudes towards maths to advance the understanding of maths and its impact on our world and to further  understand our world through maths. Our students embrace this week with great enthusiasm, pitting their minds against the best to reach the highest score in Target Boards.

Maths Trails are regular events around the school, particularly in the summer term, where using their three years’ experience of attending orienteering events, the 6th class develop their own Maths Trails for the junior end of the school every June.Puzzles, Mazes, Sudoku, Maths art and maths trails all add to the excitement and learning.


“Maths Week supports understanding of maths and numeracy in society through its many activities and is promoting a positive attitude towards the subject.” Minister Norma Foley

“The week increases public interest in the subject and explores its positive effects in our world, as well as furthering our understanding of all walks of life through maths.” Dr Ruth Freeman, of Science Foundation Ireland

The children enjoyed many of the online videos and classes, using their Maths Eyes in the world around us and solving Target Boards, which together with their Mini-Scientist projects, were all very worthwhile learning experiences.



The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.

Our school yard was buzzing with the rhythm of counting this week when Ms. Daly’s Senior infants and 1st class undertook a challenging Maths trail, devised by our 5th and 6th class pupils.  This has become a firm favourite, yearly activity in our school, an opportunity for our senior and junior pupils to take full ownership of both teaching and learning when they come together to partake in this challenging and energetic activity.

The trail begins with our senior classes exploring our school environs with “maths eyes” and cooperatively coming up with questions and problems for our younger pupils to solve.  In groups of three, clipboard in hand, our younger pupils then work through each question e.g. counting windows, bikes, trees or adding digits on number plates, all the while working together and applying the skills and knowledge they have acquired in their maths classes. Click on the above image and the photo gallery for more…

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