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We offer a wide range of sporting opportunities to our pupils, both team-based and individual, with our aim being to cater for all interests and to offer every child the chance to experience success. Click on the tabs below for more info.

We offer a wide range of sporting opportunities to our pupils, both team-based and individual, with our aim being to cater for all interests and to offer every child the chance to experience success. Click on the tabs below for more info.

Hurling and Gaelic Football is a passion for many in K.N.S and over the years we have had regular success and won many titles. Before Covid, our senior girls had recently won the Sciath na Scol Football title and our boys were beaten by the narrowest of margins, in the Mini-Sevens hurling semi-final.

Killavullen N.S. has a proud tradition of participation in G.A.A. inter-school activities.  After-school coaching in both hurling and football takes place every Monday delivered by Ms Dillon and Ms Daly down at the pitch. These take place mostly in Terms 1 and 3 but on occasion in the Community Hall in Term 2 also, when preparing for Indoor Hurling.

In Term 2, indoor hurling and camogie are catered for in the school. Training takes place for 3rd to 6th class in the Community Hall after school one day a week. We take part in non-competitive and competitive competitions in North Cork. 

Additionally, all classes benefit from visiting coaches from the G.A.A., kindly funded by our local club. In all aspects of training and coaching, developing the skills, actively involving the children and having fun is what the training is all about!



Our Chess Club meet on Thursdays from Halloween to Easter for children from 2nd – 6th class with Mr. Fallon and Dominic Lynch (parent). We usually split our club in two between beginners / internediate. Chess is a low cost activity that has many obvious benefits for children’s social and cognitive development.  There are no barriers to entry and children who are having difficulties with literacy or numeracy can participate in, and excel at, chess.

The social benefits of playing chess for children are well documented and include:

  • Learning to win with grace and accept losses. Chess etiquette promotes good sportsmanship.
  • Developing impulse control: Playing chess teaches children to consider the consequences of their actions.
  • Mental resilience and confidence: Learning a new skill can help to build confidence and learning from one’s losses helps to develop mental resilience.

Chess helps children to develop everyday social skills by bringing them together playing games face to face. Chess players now make up one of the world’s largest communities – 605 million adults play chess regularly!

Each year, children get to represent their school at Ficheall tournaments. Mr. Fallon is a founding member of, a teacher-led organisation of primary school teachers who promote chess in schools. Chess can be used as a teaching tool to develop social (respect, teamwork, conversation) cognitive (forward planning, impulse control, decision-making) and mental-fitness (accepting defeat, resilience, appreciating practice) skills. With humble beginnings in Cork, hosting a county tournament for 200 children in Carrigoon GAA Complex, Ficheall has now grown to 4,000 members from over 210 schools and is being expanded nationally.

Online Chess Club

In an effort to provide some continuity to extra-curricular activities during Covid, and after exploring a number of platforms with, we moved the Chess Club online. iPads replace boards and the website replaces the tournament hall! Using this website allowed our school teams to play other schools and each other remotely.

We held evening Chess Tournaments (7-8:30pm, played from the comfort of their couches!) where our mini-masters played 3 rounds of chess. The children loved it and we commend them all for adapting to online chess, and particularly for playing with a clock, which takes a bit of getting used to. Mr Fallon arranged some mini tournaments that were played over the Mid-Term, with one Halloween Monster Tournament thrown in!! This was 


Orienteering is another prominent sport in our school that requires both quickness of mind and body and gets children out in the wilds of various parks and woods around the county. Our school teams have had regular success, from the Cork League all the way through to the All-Ireland, with our 5th class boys and girls teams, both receiving All-Ireland Bronze and silver medals over the years.

Basketball has become very popular in recent years. A number of years ago, with the help of funding (and manual labour) from our Parents’ Association, we installed 8 all-weather backboards and hoops, together with markings for three basketball courts. For break times, classes play basketball on Tuesdays and Thursdays (with soccer on Mon/Wed and Non-ball Games on Fridays).

Basketball coaching takes place every Tuesday from 3-4pm under the guidance of Mikey O’Sullivan of Mallow Basketball, Ms. O’Keeffe and Suzie Cavanan (SNA).  This activity has proven extremely popular with our pupils and it has been very exciting to see the children’s skills of shooting, rebounding, dribbling etc. go from strength to strength, year to year.

Ms O’Keeffe and Suzie take our senior boys and girls teams to compete in Cispheil na mBunscoil each year in and it is thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

We have fostered good links with Ciarán O’Sullivan, Basketball Development Officer Cork. Ciarán has taken classes for basketball coaching as part of PE and provided us with basketballs and bibs.

Cork School Sports

Every year, in May or June, we take part in the Cork School Sports (formerly Cork City Sports), which are held in the Munster Technological University (formerly CIT). There is always a great buzz of anticipation in school in advance of the selection process, where every child will compete for a coveted place to represent the school. Once the selection process is complete, training begins for the month prior to the big day. It is a great honour and achievement to be one of the two pupils in each age group who qualifies to represent their school at this great event. Over the years our athletes have been very successful at the Cork School Sports, regularly returning to school with trophies, in both individual and relay events. 

Killavullen Parish Sports

Every June, as schools are finishing up, the Killavullen Parish Sports are held down at the local GAA pitch. Children from Killavullen NS, Ballygown NS, Rahan NS and not forgetting the local Pre-Schools, compete in running races of 60m, 80m, 100m, 400m (Gerard Owens Memorial Cup), 100m relay and the Family Relay (always a crowd pleaser). Organised by the Community Council, great fun is had by all and win or lose, everyone usually ends up with an ice-cream from the ice cream van!

Swimming Lessons

1st to 6th class take part in a 6 week course of swimming lessons in Mallow Swimming Pool every year. Attendance at this course fulfils the Aquatics Module of the PE Curriculum as laid down by the Department of Education. It is compulsory for all children to participate in aquatics lessons as part of the National Curriculum. The pupils learn about water safety, how to enter and exit the water safely, buoyancy and propulsion, stroke development, water based ball games, understanding and appreciations of aquatics, and pool hygiene. 

Mallow Schools’ Swimming Gala

The school takes part in the Mallow Schools’ Swimming Gala every year, where the skills they have learned in the lessons are displayed. We have been very successful in the Gala down through the years, in both individual and team events and very proud of our succeses.

Other Sports

We provide our pupils with plenty of opportunties and we aim to give them a taste of as many sports as possible throughout the year. Our various Active Flag initiatives play a big role in this together with visiting coaches from different sporting disciplines and the annual favourite, our sports days. Read on to find out more. 

Sports Days

Every year in KNS, we hold two Sports Days for all of the classes. The first is Team-Games Day, and takes place in the GAA field for 2nd to 6th classes, and in the School yard and Astro turf for Juniors, Seniors and 1st classes.

Team-Games Day

Classes are divided up into 4 teams (red, white, blue, green), and take part in team games – Rounders, Soccer, Tag Rugby and Olympic Handball. The day is always a huge success with all participants competing enthusiastically and fairly, ensuring everyone enjoys themselves.

Killavullen Olympics

Our second Sports Day then is the Killavullen Olympics. The whole school descends on the GAA pitch once more for an abundance of novelty activities. From tug-of-war, to crab soccer, to water balloon relays, there is no end to the excitement and delight of the children as they participate and work together.

These 2 fun-filled days are just what the children need at the end of a good year’s work. Ms. Dillon and Ms. O’Keeffe organise them and all the staff are on hand to make sure the days run so smoothly. As ever, we are so grateful to the GAA for allowing us access to such wonderful facilities, for the Sports Days and throughout the year.

Visiting Coaches

As part of our Active School Flag, we have had visiting coaches for many sports, such as skipping, Spikeball, Zumba, Gymnastics & Boxercise with School Fitness Ireland and cycling. We are looking to complete a Cycling Course again next year as part of our Green Schools Flag for Travel.


In recent years, we have explored many other sports in Killavullen NS. Soccer, being the most popular sport in the world, is ever present and played at break time 2/3 times a week by both boys and girls. 5th and 6th class have had the opportunity to represent the school in the SPAR FAI Primary School 5-a-side competition a number of times.