Killavullen NS
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In this section you will find information on the Inspectorate and recent Inspection Reports on our school. It also contains Reports and Whole Schools Plans completed by our teachers and In-school Management team. These all form part of an ongoing, robust School Self-Evaluation process.


The Inspectorate is the division of the Department of Education responsible for the evaluation of primary and post-primary schools and centres for education. Inspectors also provide advice on a range of educational issues to school communities, policy makers in the department and to the wider educational system.

All inspectors are experienced teachers. Many have also worked as school principals, deputy principals or as advisors with school support services. Others have experience in curriculum design and the implementation of assessment practices, in school management and in educational research.

What they do

The Inspectorate:

  • provides an assurance of quality and public accountability in the education system
  • carries out inspections in schools and centres for education
  • conducts national evaluations
  • promotes best practice and school improvement by advising teachers, principals and boards of management in schools
  • publishes inspection reports on individual schools and centres for education
  • reports on curriculum provision, teaching, learning and assessment generally in the educational system
  • promotes the Irish language
  • provides advice to policy makers in the Department of Education and to the wider educational system.

They provide oral feedback to the school community at the end of these inspections and they provide a printed report which is published on their website. We post their reports to our own website in the next tab, ‘Inspection Reports’.


For more information on the Inspectorate, click here.

Our Recent School Inspection Reports

Inspectors liaise with schools in both an evaluation and support capacity. Click on the links below to see copies of our most recent inspection reports.

March 2021

Covid-19 Inspection: Supporting the Safe Provision of Schooling

Click on the image below to view

November 2020

A number of schools nationally were selected to be part of this survey. Two inspectors met with 8 children from Rang 3 & Rang 4 and 8 children from Rang 5 & Rang 6 to get their feedback on their experience of lockdown and their return to school. These responses fed into a national report which can be viewed by clicking on the image below.

Report on Focus Groups with Pupils on Returning to School from Lockdown

April 2018

Curriculum Evaluation – History

School Self-Evaluation Reports

School self-evaluation is a collaborative, inclusive, and reflective process of internal school review. An evidence-based approach, it involves gathering information from a range of sources, and then making judgements and all of this with a view to bringing about improvements in students’ learning. Click on the images below to have a look at the most recent areas of focus for us.

SSE Report & Improvement Plan 2021-22

SSE Report & Improvement Plan 2020-21



SSE Report & Improvement Plan 2019-20



SSE Report & Improvement Plan 2018-19

Digital Learning Plan

We have embraced the school-wide use of I.C.T. in Killavullen. As part of the Department’s Digital Strategy 2015-2020, schools received a DLS grant based on pupil numbers. Our’s ranged from €5,000 – €8,000. We have had successful applications for additional funding, where our DLS team, led by Ms O’Keeffe set out our journey of distinction to date and targets for the years ahead. The Dept. of Education awarded additional ICT funding in recognition of our school’s excellent efforts to embed the use of digital technologies in teaching, learning and assessment.

To see our progress to date, you can read our Digital Learning Plans by clicking on them below. The last page in each contains the list of Targets and Actions.

Digital Learning Plan 2021-22



Digital-Learning-Plan-KNS 2018-19