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Save a Tree, Use Less of Me!

Green Flag 1 – Litter and Waste | Rathpeacon National SchoolIn our first year we worked towards our Green Flag for Litter and Waste. Led by Mrs Cremin in those days, our committee began raising awareness by holding a Green Hallowe’en Fancy Dress where everyone had to use recycled materials for their costumes.

They organised a community Spring Clean and had a busy year monitoring our rubbish, weighing how much we produced each fortnight and setting targets on reducing our waste through a host of strategies. They revamped our whole waste system with new labelled bins and started our compost bin, all of which are still in place to this very day!


Our Green School Committee is made up of pupils from 3rd to 6th Class. They work hard to promote physical activity in our school. We have held socially distanced meetings to discuss and plan upcoming events and Green School Week. 

Our Green School Committee are involved in:

  • Helping to plan Green School events
  • Sharing Green School announcements on the intercom
  • Speaking to classes about our Green Schools events and bringing ideas to committee meetings
  • Organising and judging Gren School competitions, such as our slogan competition and fancy dress
  • Encouraging everyone to think of our planet! 🙂



We use our Green School noticeboard to display the great work done in our school.  At the start of the process, we held a competition throughout the school to find our new Green Flag slogan.  

The winning slogan below, was heard over and over again that year, was very appropriateand helped us kick-start our Green Campaign.

Save a Tree, Use Less of Me!


Green Hallowe’en

The highlight of this flag was our Green Hallowe’en when children (and staff!) dressed up in fancy dress from recycled materials only.

Click on the gallery to see how creative we got!

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Litter & Waste