Killavullen NS
Educating in a joyful, positive and secure setting

At a health promoting school (HPS), all members of our school community work together to provide students with positive experiences and structures that promote and protect their health. Mrs Cremin leads the various initiatives below, liaising with Class Teachers and children around each programme. Good health improves school attendance and cognition and positively influences the economic and social potential of children. We have a healthy eating policy throughout the school where children eat healthy lunches with a small treat allowed on Friday.

Food Dudes is an award winning curriculum-linked evidence-based healthy eating programme, developed to encourage children to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. It is based on repeated tastings of fresh fruit and vegetables, rewards and positive role models. Does it make a difference? Yes!! The Food Dudes Healthy Eating Programme brings about significant change and improvement in childrens’ eating habits. The programme effectively increases provision and consumption of fruits and vegetables at home and in school both in the short- and long-term. Find out more here.

We like to show our children where fruit and vegetables come from so take part in ‘Incredible Edibles’ where potatoes and strawberries are planted as well as vegetable seeds.

The children tend their plants and experience the journey from ‘farm to fork.’ Click on image below to see the steps we took!

 There is huge satisfaction all round when children get to eat their produce in June.

Huge congratulations to Mrs Cremin’s Class who featured as the Incredible Edibles School of the Week this year in June! A big WELL DONE to all the pupils of Junior Infants for your great work and efforts this year! Nothing signifies that summer has landed quite like the smell of new potatoes with butter and a little salt! Everyone was jealous of the smells wafting down the corridors when the infants sat down to a summer feast of British Queens and strawberries for dessert!!