Killavullen NS
Educating in a joyful, positive and secure setting

Being kind helps everybody’s mind!

We in Killavullen know the importance of mental health and wellbeing and are working hard towards achieving the Amber Flag. The Amber flag is an initiative aimed at developing awareness of mental health and well-being among children. ‘Wellbeing in Primary Schools- Guidelines for Mental Health Promotion’ was launched a couple of years ago in primary schools by the Department of Education and Skills.

It is recognised in these guidelines that positive mental health and well-being enables young people to live more fulfilling lives. Home and family is recognised as the primary source of nurturing and supporting children. However, the school community also has a large role to play in developing wellbeing in children. Well-being refers to the holistic health and well-being of the child, physically and mentally and can be summed up in the 5 areas of the graphic.


In order to promote positive mental health and well-being in Killavullen NS, we have taken on the challenge of obtaining the Amber Flag. This involves the whole school working together to create a safe, positive and healthy attitude towards our general physical and mental health and well-being. In order to do this we have created an Amber Flag Committee who will tirelessly work towards obtaining the Amber Flag.

We held a competition to see who could come with our Amber Flag Well-being slogan. We had loads of fantastic entries and the winner was Cathal O’Keeffe’s:

Being kind helps everybody’s mind!


A well-being noticeboard is visible to all children in the hallway for tips on managing stress or worries, and to inform the children of any upcoming events. Due to restricted movement in school, Ms Daly has brought an interactive Digitial Noticeboard into every room!

Click on the interactive Prezi Display and tap the arrows to see what our Amber Flag Committee have been doing to remind us how to look after ourselves and each other! The committee display this on each class’s SMARTboard before every assembly and before any Well-being activity, as reminder of all the kindness being shared in the school and the good work being done to ensure a happy and safe learning environment! As you will see, the committee has some very interesting and exciting ideas on how to develop awareness of mental health and well-being!


Well done to the Amber flag committee who have been busy coming up with ideas to promote positive mental and physical well-being. They organised our ‘Hot Chocolate Check-In this month which gave the children a chance to have a cuppa and a chat with friends. It is so important to check in regularly with those you care about and talk to one another about how things are going for you. A huge thanks to the SNA’s who served each class their hot chocolate and marshmallows with a smile. I’ve heard that this may become a termly treat. Fingers crossed. The Amber Flag committee have many more interesting ideas to encourage wellbeing in KNS so stay tuned!


We launched our newest idea of ‘Happiness Homework in December, where instead of regular homework, for one whole week, the children got to concentrate on activities that can improve their well-being during homework time. This allows space for the children to practice different activities relating to gratitude, mindfulness and meditation. The importance of giving, connection and physical activity are also encouraged throughout the Happiness Homework. Well done to the children who embraced all the activities with open arms!

Kindness Day was celebrated school-wide in November, where each child anonymously received some kind words from a classmate.

We also held our second ‘Hot Chocolate Check-In’ where a digital noticeboard was broadcast to each class, sharing well-being news and also highlighting practical ways to look after our well-being, including some breathing exercises.

The children loved catching up with one another and it gave our school spirit a real boost!

Being kind helps everybody’s mind!