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Aladdin Connect is used by Irish primary schools to securely communicate and share information with parents/guardians. 

Click on the PDFs below and follow the instructions to set it up on your phone.

Register for App

Set Up App

Using the App

As well as messages from the school, you can view details that the school shares about your child’s attendance, report cards, homework, and library books. 

You can also enter reasons for your child’s absences from the Aladdin Connect app and give permissions at the touch of a button.

Aladdin Connect is accessed via a secure login. You sign in securely to Aladdin Connect from your computer, laptop or smartphone. We send new parents an access code so you can register with Aladdin Connect along with a letter outlining the steps to get connected. Then you can download the Aladdin Schools Connect app to receive instant notifications from the school and to have convenient and secure access to your child’s information from your mobile device.

Aladdin Connect is a fantastic way to enhance communication with parents and helps you to stay connected and informed about your child’s education.


Classdojo is a school communication platform that teachers, students, and families use to build close-knit communities by sharing what’s being learned in the classroom home through photos, videos. Dojo is more informal in nature. Teachers can share photos with just one parent, the whole class or the whole school. They have a very strong privacy policy and we feel it is a lot safer than posting these more informal photos to Facebook.

 Home/School Communication

We pride ourselves on having great lines of communication between parents and staff. Supporting the home-school relationship is an essential factor in children’s learning and can inform the work of the school on many levels, including how the curriculum is taught, pastoral care, extra-curricular development and behaviour strategies. We use email, Class Dojo, Aladdin and the homework journal for our home school communication. Given the importance of children’s families and out-of-school lives for their success within school, embedding home-school relationships as part of a whole-school strategy leads to positive results for children’s learning and achievement within school.